The Search for the Perfect Travel Article

What makes a good travel article? We all have different ideas about what constitutes a well-written story, but when it comes to the subject of travel it is exceptionally important to make sure you choose the ideal piece for your website or brochure.

Here are some tips to make it easier to find the ideal one for your needs.

Focus on your audience

What would your audience like to read? No two pieces are exactly the same, so you must focus on your target audience before you go out looking for the ideal story. For example, what type of holiday do they like to take? What kind of travel are they interested in? Backpackers will have a very different taste in reading to adventure travellers or those who love exploring cities rather than out of the way places. Know your audience and keep them in mind as you look for suitable content.

Have a goal in mind

Once you have your audience you need a goal. Writing or finding a travel article focused on backpackers will narrow down the audience, but it still provides a wide range of topics to consider.

For instance, do you want to provide advice on how to pack light? How about ideal countries or destinations for backpackers to visit? Perhaps you’d like to offer tips and advice on how to stay safe. There are lots of possibilities, so you must narrow them down in order to make your search for information easier and quicker to fulfil.

Opt for an engaging style

If you are looking for a travel article written by someone else, you’ll find plenty that can be used in this way online. Of course, you want the information to be accurate and the article to be written in a logical and structured way, but you should also look for an engaging style. The same applies if you decide to write the piece yourself.

Many people like a strong writing style because it makes the piece easier and more entertaining to read. For example, instead of opting for a story giving the top five essentials to take with you when travelling, try and find a piece that covers the same topic but with the addition of some humour. You’ll be surprised how much difference this can make when it comes to making it more appealing to read.

As you can see there are several areas to focus on when it comes to finding the perfect piece for your website or blog. If you keep these areas in mind when you are searching, you’ll find it far easier to locate exactly what you need. Since it narrows down the search time, you will find yourself using these methods more and more in the future as well.

Laura Jeeves is a London based travel writer with several years’ exp

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